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At UniCarriers 5000+ individuals worldwide are united by a desire to develop, manufacture and distribute industrial trucks that create difference. With load capacities from 350 to 10 000 kg we strive to cover all your material handling needs indoors and outdoors.

Product overview

A perfect mixture for the EUROPEAN material handling industry

At UniCarriers Europe we offer you the perfect blend of Japanese quality and technology mixed with Swedish design, user friendliness and ergonomics. From our headquarters in Sweden we oversee development and production in Sweden and Spain. Our industry experience goes all the way back to 1949, and our mission to challenge for excellence remains.

Japanese quality, technology and reputation

Swedish design, user friendliness and ergonomics.

Production in Spain and Sweden

Swedish Headquarter.

+65 years of industry experience.

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Our products and solutions are sold via specialist retailers, or directly from UniCarriers to end consumers by an experienced team of experts.

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UniCarriers News & Events is where to find material handling news and knowledge. Here you’ll find articles about upcoming events, products, material handling and lots more about our business.


News & events
World premiere: A transport solution for long goods

The new multidirectional truck TERGO® UFW is designed specifically for the requirements in the transport and stacking of long goods and all kind of pallet loads with the same performance as a heavy duty reach truck. Read more to find out why this is a one for many forklift: in one model, the new TERGO® UFW combines the advantages of a multidirectional truck with those of a reach truck.

Versatile forklift duo for warehouse logistics

UniCarriers is launching a new range of manoeuvrable high lift trucks for warehouse logistics. The PSP 125 and PSP 160 models are ideal aides for internal transport even over longer distances, yet they are narrower than a euro-pallet to facilitate storage and retrieval in confined spaces. With its compact dimensions and load capacities of 1 250 kg and 1 600 respectively, the range is extremely versatile.

UniCarriers expands Europe's production

In order to align our range of counterbalance trucks more strongly with the needs on the Europe's market and to guarantee maximum proximity to customers, UniCarriers Europe is moving the production of the GX range from Japan to Spain. From January 2015, the first forklifts in the series will roll off the production line in Pamplona. As a result of the change in production, customers will benefit from shorter delivery times, more flexible customisation to Europe's needs and a more competitive price.